Who we are

Mata Dona is an Alternative Dispute Resolution law firm established in 2012.

Mata Dona began his career in 2001 as a litigator before specializing in international arbitration. The cases he has worked on in private practice cover a wide economic spectrum and involve several different jurisdictions. As an independent practitioner, Mata Dona avoids the conflicts inherent in multinational law firms.

Mata Dona offers client assistance, representation and advice in all matters relating to international or national arbitration. This includes the possibility of drafting, reviewing or modifying contracts, sitting as an arbitrator, acting as counsel or co-counsel for the parties before the arbitral tribunal, pre-trial investigation and risk assessment.

The firm cross-border legal practice also includes mediation. Aside from this, Mata Dona advises & represents its clients in judicial procedures, with a special focus on setting-aside and enforcement proceedings of arbitral awards, seizure procedures, highly urgent procedures (interim proceedings) and prohibitory injunctions.

The firm offers classical pricing on hourly rates. Alternative fee arrangements (AFAs) are only possible depending on the specificities of the case.



  • International Sales and Purchases
  • Investment
  • Private International Law
  • Public International Law
  • European Law



As an alternative to state courts and other mechanisms of dispute resolution, mediation is less expensive and less time consuming. A dispute that may take years at courts can be solved in days, sometimes even hours, by going to mediation.



In Arbitration the parties choose their own judges. Arbitration is efficient and enforceable. Once it has started, it cannot be stopped by one of the parties alone. The parties’ consent is necessary for the arbitral tribunal to have jurisdiction over the dispute.



Mata Dona focuses its practice in procedural law matters; in particular, on interim measures, recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards.

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