Mediation is one of the most common alternatives to courtroom litigation. At its simplest, mediation is a flexible, consensual, and confidential process in which a neutral facilitates a negotiation between the parties. Importantly, the mediator cannot impose a settlement on the parties and all negotiations are without prejudice to further proceedings. 
Mediation involves among other areas of practice: financial instruments, company/shareholders, information technology/telecommunications, infrastructure/construction/engineering, insurance, investments, joint venture/partnership, mining, oil & gas, professional malpractice, sales/supply of goods & services/trade of goods, shipping, sports & entertainment, etc. 
The presence of counsels for the parties in mediation is very welcome.
Mata Dona is an accredited mediator by the Belgian federal Mediation Commission since 2014.


During the training sessions (90 hours) leading to Mata Dona´s accreditation by the Belgian Federal Mediation Commission in 2014, Mata Dona acted as a (co)-mediator or single/team counsel in 6 to 10 civil or commercial national cases under the bMediation Rules. 
Mata Dona has represented a number of NGOs in negotiations of an array of international development projects and partnership agreements under the framework programs of the European Commission.  Mata Dona has experience dealing with NGOs from Abkhazia, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Colombia, Guatemala, India, Kenya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Moldova, Nicaragua, Palestine, Somalia and many European countries. 
To find out more about Mata Dona's additional training or experiences on alternative dispute mechanisms (ADR) please click here.
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